What is Four Hands Osteopathy ?

The 4 hands osteopathy treatment follows the same process as a classic osteopathy session.

This is a cooperative technique between Our Osteopaths.  This allows them to expand their treatment options. Hence, they can simultaneously treat several areas of the body and combine different techniques.

Through doubled eyes and hands, they can address the deepest roots of your problem with a much more accurate and effective treatment.

For instance, and as an example,  the combination of two complementary techniques (i.e soft tissue osteopathy and myofascial osteopathy) give the best possible results.


It can only be performed upon our practitioner’s recommendation.

Four Hands Osteopathy

How can this osteopathic methodology help You?

This unique and amazing treatment treats the same cases as traditional treatments. It can also address complicated conditions (i.e People of determination, …). However, since it is a very powerful technique, this therapy is only prescribed by our practitioners after reviewing your  specific cases. Nevertheless, we usually apply this method for the following conditions :

How is Four Hands Osteopathy Performed ?

As it requires four hands, such osteopathic techniques requires two highly qualified and experienced practitioners. Although it is an extremely gentle manipulation, it is also very  powerful in term of healing. Practitioners require  very strong focus while you will be lying down relaxing on the table.

Our sessions generally lasts 60 minutes. Your osteopath will discuss with you on the terms and conditions that apply for this treatment. Usually a single session is enough for your symptoms to improve. Only very serious disorders may need a number of subsequent sessions.

To cure disease the abnormal parts must be admitted to the normal… We must have a perfect image of the normal