dr hartmann

CAM Doctor (Osteopathy), over 20 years of experience.

Dr E.Hartmann has specialized both in neonatology and perinatology while practicing as an Infant Birth Expert for 10 years in Arcachon Central. He’s the Vice President of Emirates Osteopathic Society in UAE.

Graduate from Paris Descartes University in MSc in Clinical Anatomy for examination and medical imagery, Dr Hartmann has been following and accompanying out of norms international athletes in rugby, sailing, gymnastic, golf, horse riding, mountain climbing, 160 km walkers…

He was awarded the “Hopitaux de Paris /Hopitaux de France” Foundations Helioscope’s Award for his exceptional skills in interdisciplinary coordination. He has developed a strong occupational health experience by efficiently complementing orthopedics, orthodontics and post-surgery pain reduction/relief works.

Furthermore, Dr E.Hartmann’s work has also being focus on various scoliosis patients and is used to work with people of determination (para/tetraplegic).

Quick Profile

Name: Emmanuel Hartmann

Phone: + 971 52 826 9454


Speciality Pediatric osteopathy

Degree Doctor of Osteopathy


Newborn, Pediatry

Research Interests

Pediatric Osteopathy

Training + Education


Post Graduate



English, French

Helioscope Awards from Paris Hospitals / France Hospitals for his skills in interdisciplinary coordination.

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