Newborns, Babies  & Children

Birth requires all the joints of the newborn.

Poor circulation or poor joint positioning can lead to crying, reflux, or poor digestion. 

Our Osteopaths can gently improve these situations.

Cranial Osteopathy

Baby osteopathy

A newborn check offers the opportunity to bring your baby into the practice, as soon as you feel able, for an examination, and gentle cranial treatment.

The baby’s head has the remarkable ability to absorb the stresses of normal labour. However, many babies are born with or develop odd shaped heads and bruising. This normally recedes in the first few days, as the baby cries, sucks and yawns. Nonetheless, the recovery process is sometimes incomplete.


Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for children and babies. It could help soothe and relax your baby.

Cranial techniques are safe, gentle, and non-manipulative. As a result, osteopaths use it to treat young children and newborn infants. Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development.

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Baby osteopathy
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Infant treatment

How many sessions your baby needs?

Sometimes, a single treatment is enough to do this, and we will not recommend further treatment. However, if it seems that your baby would benefit from more treatment, we will let you know. Shared decision making is therefore central in the follow-up of your newborn. 

To illustrate, 2 to 5 treatments are usually sufficient. This can obvisouly vary depending on the severity of the condition and the age of the child.

Finally, our team has extensive experience working with infants, babies and children (+20-years experience).

The sooner an osteopath diagnoses and treat your baby, the easier it is for the balance within the child to be restored.

Need an appointment?

Your baby’s treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with patient centered care.

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