Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
PHHC Osteopathic Center
To efficiently address these concerns, PHHC is now committed to corporate social responsibility. Hence our Osteopathic center focuses on 3 main axis:

Education, Accessibility and Occupational Health.

Our goal is to facilitate access to osteopathic treatment for people with poor means (i.e free / very cheap sessions), educating through the clinic-school relations and providing occupational health service to companies. Hence, PHHC aims at building an osteopathic awareness in UAE with different companies, foundations and NGOs. We also believe in the necessity of collaboration in different solidarity projects at national and international level.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Osteopathic Awarness

Occupational Health

Corporate Well being, Prevention & Risk reduction

By this voluntary policy, Physical Health & Healing Center targets to extend benefits of Osteopathy to the environment and communities.

All our Social Responsible actions are undertaken by our practitioners, at their goodwill and availability