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Important Note

Many practitioners provide osteopathy services but are not real osteopaths !


Meet our team of Osteopathic Masters

More than 20 years experience at YOUR Service

Our team is a subtle combination of international highly experienced Osteopaths .
All are DHA certified and licensed.They have reached a stage where they master all osteopathic techniques (Bio-dynamic, Cranial, 4 Hands, Energetic, Muscular, Soft Tissues, Structural & Visceral).
Our Osteopathic Doctors treat all age categories for various conditions. Hence, PHHC Osteopathic Center offers you the best benefits you can get out of Osteopathy.

Dr Emmanuel Hartmann

Dr E.Hartmann Patient Specialties

SENIOR OSTEOPATH Р25+ Experience             

Our GM, Dr E.Hartmann is a french National. He started working as an independent osteopath in Arcachon, France.

During this time, he followed & nurtured out of norms international athletes. Through his Hospital collaborative work,  he developed  a strong interdisciplinary skill in Neo/Peri natal environment.

Passionate of Asian Culture,  he strenghtend his skills in Kuala Lumpur.

Emirates Osteopathic Society

All our Osteopaths

are active members of

Emirates Osteopathic Society

Dr F.Abdeljallal is a french Morocan National. Coming from Grasse in France, she has specialized in Neonatalogy. She started working as an independant osteopath for 6 years, before joining Pediadtrics Departement in Public Hospital.

Passionate about babies, she has developed her own osteopathic synergistic approach to breastfeeding and lactation through her soft techniques .

Dr Dominique Boudet Dr D.Boudet's Patient Specialties

SENIOR OSTEOPATH Р25+ Experience        

Dr D.Boudet is a french National coming straight form Kuala Lumpur.
She started working in Medical Imaging within hospital structures both in France and Switzerland.

After years of independent osteopathic family practice in Toulouse, France, as mother & a women, she passionately developed a unique set of osteopathic skills around orthopedical pediatrics and women health.

Dr Christophe Le Berre Dr C.Le Berre's Patient Specialties
Dr. Christophe Le Berre

SENIOR OSTEOPATH – 14+ Experience

Dr C.Le Berre is a french National from Paimpol, France.  Former athlete himself, avid gym goer and runner, he has oustanding osteopathic skills around physical health and mental wellness.

After several years working as an independant, treating Special Forces Operatives, he focused on corporate wellness for groups (Nestl√©, Workday, …).

Today he aims at sharing the positive effects of having mentally & physically healthy employees.

Dr J.Cauver Dr j.Cauver's Patient Specialties

SENIOR OSTEOPATH Р25+ Experience     

Dr J.Cauver is a french National originating from the french West Indies. He started his career around sports where he trained and nurtured  international athletes.

Over the years, he has developed outstanding osteopathic skills in Pain management and performance improvement.

Passionate, not only did he become a reputed Lecturer in ESO, he strenghtened his expertise in China and the Philippines.

A Supportive Team dedicated to YOUR needs

What is a team of masters without proper support ? Well, .. less effective for sure !
That’s why, straight from the heavens, our 4 PHHC Angels provide them a constant support. But more interestingly, they will provide YOU an outstanding support for all your documentation or any kind of assistance you may require. Don’t hesitate to ask them, you’ll be suprised of what they can do for you.

phhc angels
What makes our Angels so special ?
Our team is selectively composed of multicutural individuals reflecting our social & cultural diversity. On the angelic side, all have been choosen for their empathic skills and kindness toward others.

With them , your are in good hands.

(which is good thing for an osteopathic center, right ?)

Little PHHC Angels
L.Onyshko - Clinic Manager
Lesya O.

Clinic Manager – Seraphimpoland flag

Don’ Let Pain Ruin your day…
Call US ! or…
Hanine L.

RECEPTIONIST – AngelAlgerian Flag

Priyanka H.

OFFICE COORDINATOR – ArchangelIndia flag

Razan F.

RECEPTIONIST – Angelsudan flag