Baby Osteopathy

Flat head, torticollis, colic & more...

Flat head, torticollis, colic & more...

Sports Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Injuries, Strains, Prevention, Back Pain Rehabilitation...

Injuries, Strains, Prevention, Personalized Back Pain Rehabilitation...

Soft Osteopathic Techniques

For Infants, Children & All the family


Opening Hours

Saturday – Thursday 8.00am – 7.00pm

Friday Emergencies only

Building 24Dubai Healthcare City

Emergency Cases

052 980 2938

Weekend & Public Holidays

Everyday, PHHC always keeps emergency slots available  to relieve your pain.

Welcome To Your Healing Center: PHHC

Physical Health & Healing Center offers hands-on therapies to restore mobility and function, to

Naturally Improve Your health.

  • Osteopathy for all the familly (babies, teens, elders…).
  • Physiotherapy & Sports Pain Management.
  • Chronic pain management.

What makes PHHC so Unique?

We want to treat our patients as our own family members, and choose together the appropriate treatment you are looking for. As an example, more than 80% of our new patients are coming from relatives, family members…

At this time, we have over 98% satisfaction from our new patients.

Our Areas of Expertise

Babies – Infants
Flat head, colic, reflux 
Back pain
Low back pain, torticollis
Sports injuries
Sprains, tendinopathies etc.
Breathing disorders
Asthma, chronic obstruction
Pregnancy follow-up
A pregnancy without pain!
Biopsychosocial model
Get rid of chronic pain
Women’s health
Endometriosis, IBS, premenstrual syndrome


We give a French touch to complementary & alternative medicines. In fact, our four therapists speak both English & French to help you express your needs.

Moreover, most of our doctors have over 20 years of experience, which guarantees you expertise in pain management and lactation consultancy.

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