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UAE Familly
UAE Familly
Baby Osteopathy
Four Hand Osteopathy
Four Hand Osteopathy
Soft Osteopathic Techniques
Soft Osteopathic Techniques
Osteopathy for Performers
Osteopathy for Performers
Osteopathy Before and After Surgery
Osteopathy Before and After Surgery
UAE familly
Osteopathy for New Borns

Baby Osteopathy

flat head, Torticollis, colic & more...

Flat head, torticollis, colic & more...

Four Hands Osteopathy
Soft Osteopathic Techniques
Osteopathy for Performers
Osteopathy for Pre and Post Surgery

Your Osteopathic Center

Opening Hours

Saturday – Thursday 7.00am – 7.00pm

Friday  9.00am – 6.00pm 

Emergency Cases

052 980 2938

Weekend & Public Holidays

Everyday, PHHC always keeps emergency slots available  to relieve your pain.

Dubai’s Natural Pain Management Expertise

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder,….

We effectively relieve you form Any body pain, in no time

No medication, No injection.. All Manual & Natural

What makes PHHC so Unique ?

Best Osteopath in Dubai


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A Genuine Patient Centered Osteopathic Center in Dubai

At PHHC, We care and treat our patients like our own family members. As a result, most of our new patients are referred. May it be by their relatives, family members, a doctor and/or colleagues…

A Single Specialty for Best Results & Personalized Therapies

We believe that to be good in something, you have to focus on it. That’s why we only do Osteopathy. Our Osteopaths will work with YOU to determine the most effective treatment that will relief your pain.  YOU will clearly feel and see the results.

Unmatched Skills for a High Patient Satisfaction

We give a lot of attention to your point of views. Therefore, we are very proud to harbor a high patient satisfaction. Thank you, for your encouraging comments & surveys

Feel free to call and ask one of our PHHC Angels about :

Little PHHC Angels

Our Dubai team speak  English , French , Arabic, Amazigh, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Polish, Hindi & Malayalam. However, if you need further linguistic assistance; we can also provide linguistic support or you can always bring a relative with you.

It is our Priority to make sure that you can express your needs in your own language and have a better understanding of what we are doing.