What is Muscular Osteopathy ?

Musuclar Osteopathy , also call Myofascial Osteopathy  “Myo” meaning muscle and “fascia” meaning connective tissue, is the term used to describe the matrix created by muscle and connective tissue.

Myofascial Osteopathy is a very effective hands-on technique that can help relieve pain and restore function by providing a release into myofascial restrictions (tightness in connective tissue, scar tissue, injured areas).

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How Can Musucular Osteopathy help You ?

Since fascia is throughout your body, releasing fascial tension can help a wide variety of complaints, which include but are not limited to:

Headaches, muscle pain, back & neck pain, shoulder pain, poor posture, sports injuries, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, stress and depression, shin splints, frozen shoulder, knee problems, nerve entrapments & Impingement and whiplash.

How is Muscular Osteopathy Performed?

An osteopath utilising myofascial osteopathy may use differing amounts of pressure to gradually lengthen shortened muscle fibers and release adhesions in the fascia. It is similar to massage, but is generally deeper and more sustained in its manipulation of the muscles and fascia