Dr Dominique Boudet

Dr. Dominique Boudet

SENIOR OSTEOPATH – 25+ Experience

Dr. Dominique Boudet has a medical background in imaging & radiotherapy. After starting as an Osteopath, she went through many osteopathic specializations. She reached the highest level of mastery in Neonatalogy and Pediatrics. Through her associative activity, she also took care of Cancer patients and People of determination.
Faithful to the osteopathic concept of persons’ Uniqueness, she treats her patients as a whole (not merely the affected parts).

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                ❒ Visceral Osteopathy ( Read More)
                ❒ Cranial osteopathy( Read More )
                ❒ Biodynamic Osteopathy ( Read More)
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Position   Senior Osteopath & Dy. Clinical Director

Osteopathic Experience

Clinical practice 3 years (Bordeaux)
Independent practice 11 years (Toulouse)
Collaborative practice 5 Years (Kuala Lumpur)
Collaborative practice 2 Years (Dubai)

Osteopathic Specialties

                 ❒ Orthopedic Pediatrics (Learn more)
                 ❒ People of Determination (Learn more)
                 ❒ Pregnancy (Learn more)
                 ❒ Women Health (Learn more)
                 ❒ Geriatrics (Learn more)

General Osteopathy (Kuala Lumpur)
Cranial & Visceral Osteopathy (Kuala Lumpur)


Imaging & Radiotherapy (France /Switzerland)
Osteopath DO  – A.T Still Academy
Pediatric & Orthopedic – CHU Bordeaux

Osteopathic Specializations

                 ❒ Pediatric & Orthopedic
                 ❒ Bio-dynamic
                 ❒ Energetic

Volunteer Works

Friend of Cancer Patients (Sharjah)
Asteria – Health Prevention Initiatve (Toulouse) Enfant Handicapé Espoir Ostéopath (Toulouse)

Osteopathic Associations

Member of Emirates Osteopathic Society

– Arts & Culture (…)
– Travels (…)
– Literacy (…)
– Reading (…)

Master osteopaths

Through her many travels abroad & her passion for Art & Culture, she respects the values & beliefs of every individual. Her practice primarily focuses on pregnancy, newborns and people of determination.

Dr. Dominique Boudet provides appropriate corrective by giving a strong attention to all important risk factors ( i.e genetic, nutritional, psychological, behavioral, socio-cultural and environmental).

Osteopathy, A Life of Learning

             by Dr. Dominique boudet

Coming from a long line of doctors, it seemed inevitable that I would follow in their footsteps. Naturally, I followed the medical path. Fascinated by Anatomy, I choose the fields of radiology and radiotherapy to which I dedicated 15 years of my life.
Hence, from a Medical perspective, not only did i strengthened my knowledge of anatomy & human physiology, but also, gave me a solid understanding of diseases diagnosis & various cancer treatments.
Alternatively, on a more human note, my involvement in intense teamwork as put people and life at the center of my interest. That made me understand that knowledge of others starts by knowledge of oneself.

During all these years, I came to know about Osteopathy and I was immediately attracted to its holistic approach. I’ll always remember when I had this life changing epiphany: Constantly performing CT scans on patients suffering from headaches and seeing negative results made me wonder: “What if Osteopathy could provide an answer? Could it treat these cases? How?”
That’s how I fell into osteopathy and stated studying while working in medical imaging. These were intense years but so enriching… believe me !

Being a woman and a mother, I was naturally drawn towards women health & perinatal osteopathy. So, soon after my graduation, decided to join a clinic specialized pediatric & perinatal osteopathy. That’s where I was comforted in that, various factors throughout one’s life (emotional, environmental, societal…) can alter one’s well-being. As such, during pregnancy, women well-being directly impacts both the child’s future health & family balance.  Hence, I discovered that osteopathy was naturally and effectively answering these concerns.
Working daily with child, confronted me with various situations. Initially, I faced many postural problems but I was also deeply touched with so many having disabilities (physical, mental …). That’s when I decided to dig deeper into osteopathy by specializing further into pediatric & orthopedics. Alongside, I engaged has a volunteer worker to dedicate part of my work to humanitarian associations by treating children suffering from autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy..

With this given experience of 3 years, I opened my own independent practice in Toulouse. I progressively found myself treating a completely different range of patients (99 years old seniors & occupational/sport injuries individuals). What an enrichment that was!! That fostered my reflective practice by constantly re-assessing, re-thinking my osteopathic practice. And, therefore, widening my knowledge toward a better understanding to help others.

Through Annick de Souzenelle, i developed an interest in the symbolic and spiritual approach of the human body and the meaning of diseases. Sharing different practices, approaches & experiences with eminent osteopaths (R.Rousse, B.Ducoux, R.Laulauze-Pol,…), pushed my questioning further.

Thus, improving my overall knowledge and helping me foster the spiritual perspective of osteopathy. That’s how I came to specialize both in Bio-dynamic and Energetic osteopathy. These techniques impose absolutely nothing to the body. Instead, they rely on the concept of wholeness and requires tremendous focus from the practitioner.

After all those specializations, I felt like sharing what I had learnt. So, when I was offered a position in Malaysia to work both as an osteopath and a lecturer, I took the leap. Although that would be totally new, I needed to meet this challenge. And what a challenge that was…Teaching cranial & Visceral Osteopathy, its philosophy, its concept… was so rewarding.
However, dealing with very different cultures and behaviors was less, rather very tangling. Indeed, It required a lot of adaptability & tuning from my side, both as a person and in my practice. Overall, this clearly helped me sharpen my understanding of humans. Furthermore, how both their lifestyles and environment impact health.

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