Dr Christophe Le Berre

Dr Christophe Le Berre

Dr. Christophe Le Berre

SENIOR OSTEOPATH – 14+ Experience

Dr C.Le Berre is a french National from Paimpol, France.  Former athlete himself, avid gym goer and runner, he has oustanding osteopathic skills around physical health and mental wellness.

After several years working as an independant, treating Special Forces Operatives, he focused on corporate wellness for groups (Nestlé, Workday, …).


                ❒ Soft Osteopathy ( Read More )
                ❒ Muscular Osteopathy ( Read More)
                ❒ Structural Osteopathy( Read More )

  Position                        Senior Osteopath


Independent practice, 12 years (Paris, Nantes)
Corporate practice, 5 Years (Paris)

  Osteopathic Specialties

            ❒ Sports & Athletics
            ❒ Corporate Wellness
            ❒ Children & Teens
            ❒ Senior & Elders


Sutherland Ostepathic College  – Nantes
DO Osteopath IEOQ  – Montreal

  Athletic Awards

French National Badminton League  (FFBAD)
French National Basketball League   (FFBB)

  Osteopathic Associations

Member of  Emirates Osteopathic Society

Italian Gastronomy ( ..and Gourmet )
Science fiction literacy & Series (Asimov, … )
Mexican Culture (Food, Traditions … )
Fan Music (Folk Guitar player, Rock, Classic,….)
Sport (Running and Gym)
and of course .. Osteopathy.

Today he aims at sharing his concept and the positive effects of having mentally & physically healthy employees. He can promise you this: He will treat YOU, not your symptoms. He will take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your concerns, your goals, and your body. He will educate and support you on what you can do to take your health into your own hands.

My Vision of Osteopathy

       by Dr. Christophe Le Berre

Originally from Paimpol in French Brittany, I was raised by a cardiologist (my dad) and a Podologist (my Mom). Naturally curious, that’s probably why I developed an interest in sciences and more specifically in the medical field.

I discovered osteopathy though my uncle and saw it as something magical. How can one heal someone simply by lay on hands? I had to understand….

Hence, I followed a scientific study pattern satisfy my eagerness to find answers. As the years passed, time came for me to choose what I wanted to do… Still, I wasn’t sure whether I should become an osteopath or not and sleeked my uncle’s advice. That’s how I came to enroll at the EO (xxx) for 5 years. During this time, not only did I study but I also started teaching osteopathic techniques at the IEOQ (Institut d’enseignement de l’osteopathie du Quebec) in the city of Montreal (That’s also where I met my future wife without whom I wouldn’t be here writing this today 😉 )

Strengthened with international experience, I graduated and moved back to France where i opened my own practice in Brest. For over 3 years, I treated patients from all walks of life, from newborns to French celebrities. However, being a sport addict myself, I gave more interest to athletes but also, being next to a Navy Military Base, many Special Forces operatives.

Following my wife, I moved to Paris where I did many replacements, assisted senior osteopaths and offered home services while working with Reflex-Osteo. At the same time, I got married and started various trainings in Physiotherapy equipment, Cupping but most importantly in self-entrepreneurship to get a better grasp on corporate environment.

As an outcome, I specialized in corporate wellness and founded HealthFirst in 2018.  It’s concept is to provide a concierge service for osteopathic consultations within established international companies (i.e Nestlé, Salesforce, Workday …). I then became a Dad myself and started giving much more focus on emotional & mental states. This is why and how I came to partner with corporate groups that understand the positive effects of having emotionally, mentally and physically healthy employees.

Finally, all the family moved to Dubai and I joined PHHC Osteopathic Center.

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