Our Osteopathic Techniques

What is really Osteopathy ?

Before explaining Osteopathy and Our Osteopathic Techniques, Lets start by making things clear;  The first thing you have to understand is :

What Osteopathy isn’t… It is not Chiropractic, Physiotherapy nor Massages.

Structural Osteopathy

Osteopathy (also called osteopathic medicine) relies on manual contact for both diagnosis and treatment (3). It respects the relationship of body, mind and spirit both in health and disease.

It emphasizes on the structural and functional integrity of the body and its natural tendency for self-healing.

Osteopathic practitioners use a wide variety of therapeutic manual techniques.  Properly combined they improve/correct your physiological function and/or support the stability of your body’s equilibrium which has been altered by somatic (body framework) dysfunction (I.e. skeletal, arthrodial and myofascial structures; and related vascular, lymphatic, and neural elements (4).)

This explanation might feel a bit technical and it is not always easy to explain osteopathy in simple words.  So, to help you understand, lets make a comparison;

Imagine Your Body is Like a Car


Osteopathic treatment

An osteopathic consultation always begins with a correct assessment. Its goal is to make the most likely diagnosis to the reason for consultation.

Then, our practitioners use a wide variety of techniques to treat all patients from the newborn to the elderly. We aim to fit everyone’s needs and requests. 

Here is a list of osteopathic techniques you can find at Physical Health & Healing Center:

Dr. Boudet
back pain dr hartmann
Dr. Hartmann

When to consult an osteopath?

Osteopathy can help you for many reasons of consultation. These range from back pain to headaches, pregnancy pain and gut disorders.

Most of acute conditions can be treated in 1 to 2 sessions, if treated quickly after onset of symptoms. Hence, chronic pain will require probably more according to your pain history. 

Moreover, pain education that we teach will help you achieve better outcomes for your symptoms.

Emergency Cases

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with patient-centered care.

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