Women’s Health

There are so many different stages of a woman’s life.

Each provides its own unique physical challenges.

Our Osteopaths are highly experienced in these stages and can make the world of difference.


So ....when should you see our Osteopaths ?

From a preventive perspective: Anytime. Indeed, women are more likely to develop chronic health issues such as migraines, arthritis, or depression. Accordingly, it is important that you find a family osteopath that understands your health and can tailor treatments to fit your needs, health, and lifestyle.

Therefore, from teen girls to adult women, PHHC Osteopathic Center is here to offer the women in your family a variety of essential services.  In fact, this is particularly important for teen girls and young women experiencing major changes to their bodies and health as they mature. At this stage in life, it’s important that you have a family osteopath to turn to that is able to provide you with the health information, education, and sensitive care you need.

Adult women & Elderly
Teen girls & Adolescents
  • Menstrual Pain (PMS)
  • Back pain, Scoliosis, Neck Pain (All body pains)
  • Headaches, Migraine, Vertigo,
  • Nausea, Asthma crisis (i.e ….).
  • Any Type of Strains (i.e ankle, wrist, elbow….)
  • Bad postures, Torticollis (over-straining of neck muscles).
  • Sleep disorders (stress at school, emotional, …).
  • Orthodontic pains (i.e dental appliance).
  • Sports injuries, Post surgical pains
  • Digestive Disorders and Constipation, ….
  • Hormonal Disorders

What can I expect from my Women’s Health Session?

PHHC Osteopathic Center always provide a safe, comfortable, judgement-free space for you to freely express your health concerns. All our team is here to support you in your journey towards achieving your health goals, through; osteopathic treatment, education, and/or lifestyle changes.

Your initial Session will begin with a series of questions about why you have come in to see us, and any specific health goals that you wish to achieve.
As your specialized women’s health osteopath, I will ask you a series of questions about your medical history, symptoms and exercise routine.  This information helps me to understand of what might be the roots of your problem.

The next steps will follow a standard osteopathic session.