Body Pains Solutions

Today’s increasingly sedentary lifestyle leads to poor posture & musculoskeletal problems.

Hence, Back Pain, Neck Pain are becoming very common

Our therapists help you relieve symptoms from all body regions

Indeed, Osteopathy is  particularly indicated in the treatment of pain

Osteopath physician identify and correct the functional impairment(s). Their can be one or several causes to your pain. Knowing your medical history & through various osteopathic techniques, the osteopath looks for the roots behind this pain.

Combining several approaches, our skilled osteopaths efficiently help you recover from acute & chronic (more than 3 months) pain situations .

Osteopathic medicine can help patients at any age, from the newborn to the elderly for various cases.

  • Lower & Upper back pain
  • Neck pain (trauma, computer posture at work…)
  • Shoulder & Elbow pain (i.e Frozen, Instability, Tennis Elbow, … )
  • pelvis, hips and legs pains
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle and joint pain (i.e driving, work,…)
  • Sciatica
  • Pregnancy (changes in the pelvis and lower back)
  • Rotator cuff problems
  • Acromioclavicular joint pain
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Taught muscles in the buttock
  • Trauma to the lower back
  • Herniated (bulging) discs
  • Growths of bone along the spine
  • Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

How many osteopathy sessions will you need ?

That’s a very good question !! Indeed, many patients report that health centers will usually request you to take 2-3 sessions per week over a 2 month period. During this time, they will have you alternate between chiropractics & physiotherapy treatments. What a total waste of time and money !!

Body pains always depend of your condition & your medical history. At PHHC Osteopathic Center, most of acute conditions can be treated in a single session, if treated quickly after onset of symptoms.

However, chronic pain will probably require a bit more. Anyhow, you can’t have more than one session per month. Your body needs time to adjust to the changes that the osteopath made.

If we cannot help you, we will tell you immediately & you will not be charged.
Furthermore, we will refer you to one of our medical partners that can.

Osteopath working on Lower back pain
Lower Back Pain
Back muscles release to restore spine mobility.
Here applied to a 8 year old.
Osteopath applying a rhythmic manipulation
Treatment of Ankle Pain
Rhythmic manipulation of the lower back (L5-S1)
to address a sharp pain in the ankle
Dr Hatmann working on Neck Pain
Soft Tissue Approach to Neck Pain
Treatment of a neck pain linked to digestive tension...
while the patient takes a nap.
Foot Manipulation to address hip Pain
Hip Pain
Osteopath working from the foot of the patient
to address the Muscular chain up to the hip

How is the session performed for Body pains?

Our treatments are very gentle without cracking or injections !

You will simply be asked to lie down on the table. With your clothes on, you can just start relaxing. Let the osteopath do the rest… So,  while we help your body to let go of pain, you will also let go of stress, let go of trauma and …  relax. You can actually even take a short nap.

After your session, Your osteopath will :
  • Discuss with you the improvement of your symptoms
  • Advice you on which things you should and shouldn’t do/avoid .
  • Plan subsequent session(s) (if any needed)

This will ensure you a lasting and successful recovery. Our sessions generally lasts 60 minutes (Less for Kids & Babies).

What Osteopathy won't do !

The osteopath will not repair any the affected joints. Osteopathy does not cure something that is already damaged.

So, if you have a damaged disc, it won’t fix it ! However, it will help avoiding further pain and restore painless mobility. Osteopathic treatment also helps assimilate heavy treatments and reduce side effects. In such context, during treatment or in remission, osteopathy supports the patient in his comfort of life.