The Master Osteopath : Best of the best

Master osteopaths

Indeed, like in many fields of activity, when someone is highly specialized, he ultimately reaches the utmost degree of mastery, acquired from his knowledge and experience. That’s why PHHC decided to distinguish all osteopaths with these outstanding skills by awarding them the title of Master Osteopaths.

Hence, osteopaths awarded with such distinction, have successfully reached / achieved :

A Wide Range of Professional Experiences

Through time, the osteopath has acquired and demonstrated:

❑   A Teaching / Lecturing Experience in one or more international Osteopathic Schools / Hospitals.
      This ensures that the osteopath has proven abilities to explain by a simple and clear way to the
      patients their condition, the treatment and its outcomes.

❑   A Practical Experience of at least 20 Years in various healthcare structures.
      This certifies that the osteopathic practitioner understands the pros and cons of working with other
      healthcare doctors and their needs & constraints.

❑   An Independent Practice Experience of minimum 5 Years.
      This guarantees that the practitioner knows and understands the key requirement of managing a
      pool of patients. Hence, he is very empathic, always carefully listening and caring.

❑   An International Experience in various healthcare structures around the world.
      This attests that the osteopath is open minded, knowledgeable and flexible in term of healthcare
      treatments and coordination with other specialists. Furthermore, He understands and respects
      both religious and socio-cultural differences.

mastery of osteopathy - the best of the best osteopaths in dubai

A Unique Set of Osteopathic Skills

In practice, the osteopath as demonstrated that he has :

 ❑   Mastered all major osteopathic techniques : From the basic Structural approach to the much more complex holistic views.

 ❑   Enhanced his holistic approach through the additional practice & knowledge of other CAM and/or Medical fields
                                                     (i.e. Radiology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Body Energetic, Lactation, Breastfeeding, ….)

 ❑   Adjusted and developed his own technique(s) by effectively combining his additional fields of practice with osteopathy.