Corporate Social Responsibility

Involvment in Social Responsibility is part of PHHC Mission & Vision.

PHHC is conscious of the impact it has on several aspects of society, both socially and environmentally.

Thus, we actively contribute to enhance society and the environment by improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families, and local communities.

PHHC is focusing on philanthropy and volunteer efforts.

Therefore, to promote & maintain employees’ physical, mental & social well-being, we are helping companies and/or communities who cannot afford (or not covered by their insurances)to access our Osteopathic services events.

Our socially responsible services are providing:

  • Various pain relief treatments, diagnosis and corrective exercises.
  • Occupational Health physical education & advices.
  • Osteopathic health screening

By this voluntary policy, Physical Health & Healing Center targets to extend benefits of Osteopathy to the environment and communities.

Our environementally responsible initiatives:

  • Reduce Plastics.
  • Promote Plastic collection.
  • Reward Eco attitude.

All our Social Responsible actions are undertaken freely by our practitioners, at their goodwill.