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Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Ph.D in Food Science & Microbiology

Dr. Mansour has worked for many years as a Doctor in Food sciences. In 2011, because she had her own struggles breastfeeding her son, her journey to becoming an International Board Lactation Consultant started.

As a Doctor in Food Sciences, she is especially passionate about Nutrition.   Consequently, she acknowledges the importance of a healthy lifestyle on a successful breastfeeding & motherhood experience.  Similarly, she truly believes that food is medicine.

Her holistic lactation course, as well as her Food Sciences background gave her a strong understanding on how food & lifestyle affect our body. Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the biological norm. Knowing that, a mother can then give the best (through her milk) to her child by following a healthy lifestyle. In short, a healthy mother will lead to a healthy child.

As a result of being a mother who went through several challenges, the objectives of her consultation is to empower women. In fact, she aims to support them in their breastfeeding and parenting journey.  by giving them all the advices and tips for a positive and successful experience.

Dr. Mansour speaks French, Arabic and English.

Quick Profile

Name: Soulaf Mansour

Phone: + 971 52 733 3805


Speciality Lactation Consultant

Degree Ph.D


Consultant Lactation

Research Interests


Training + Education

Hollistic Lactation Institute, USA

Post Graduate

Ph.D in Food Science & Microbiology 


English, Arabic, French

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