PHHC in figures

Numbers speak for Us

The following figures are based on both PHHC data and most importantly, the analysis of your surveys & feedbacks.

Less than 24h


As we all know, Pain is can be very disabling … So, whether you are blocked or have any type acute pain affecting your mobility, PHHC is always available to provide your immediate relief without any medication. That’s why we guarantee you an appointment within the 24 hours from your call.
Our front desk will do there utmost  best to arrange a convenient time slot for you to book with any of our 3 Osteopaths..


Patients Referral

Over the past years, PHHC has now become the N° 1  Osteopathic Center referred by its patients in Dubai.
By giving an extensive focus on centered care and through our familly culture, our analysis shows that more than 87% of our new comers are either referred by relatives, family members and/or colleagues. 
Thank you for your trust and loyalty!


Patients satisfaction

We give great value to your feedback. Indeed, all the satisfaction surveys  that you get at the end of your first session and all comments you make on social media (i.e Facebook, Instagram,..) are thoroughly reviewed by our Quality Officer. By doing so, PHHC does take your opinion in consideration to improve your confort and experience with us.
And guess what ?  You are more than 98% satisfied!


Facebook likes

We share a lot of content to help our patients achieve continuous relief and prevent the onset of pain in everyday life.

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Most health center are  usually harbouring their large number of practitioners for prestige…. At PHHC, we have a limited number on purpose:  Efficiency of your treatment
.Although we are very selective in the choice of the new practitioners, PHHC is always looking for someone to join its team. Aside strengthening our team, we are very attached to both preserving our core values but also, to ensuring that PHHC will always provide the most effective care to patients.

PHHC Results

At Physical Health & Healing Center, we are always looking for R-E-S-U-L-T:

  • Respect for everyone.
  • Excellence in quality & patient experience (satisfaction surveys).
  • Safe delivery of care.
  • Understanding our responsabilities as healthcare providers.
  • Learning organization
  • Teamwork