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Meet our team of Osteopathic Masters

More than 20 years experience at YOUR Service
Our team is a subtle combination of international Osteopaths.
All our Osteopaths are DHA certified and licensed. They master all osteopathic techniques (Bio-dynamic, Cranial, 4 Hands, Energetic, Muscular, Soft Tissues, Structural & Visceral). We treat all age categories for various conditions. Hence, our Osteopathic Center offers you the best benefits you can get out of Osteopathy.
Mosteo crpped

Dr E.Hartmann is a french National. He started working as an independent osteopath in Arcachon, France.

During this time, he followed & nurtured out of norms international athletes. Through his Hospital collaborative work,Ā  he developedĀ  a strong interdisciplinary skill in Neo/Peri natal environment.

Passion of Asian Culture,Ā  he strenghtend his skills in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr D.Boudet is a french National.
She started working in Medical Imaging within hospital structures both in France and Switzerland.

She then started as an independent osteopath in Toulouse, France, where she practiced Four Hand Osteopathy.

Passionate of Reading, Art & Culture, she decided to go international.

In Kuala Lumpur, she met and worked in synergy with Dr E.Hartmann.

Dr J.Cauver is a french National originating from the french West Indies. He started his career around sports where he trained and nurturedĀ  international athletes.

Over the years, he has developed outstanding osteopathic skills in Pain management and performance improvement.

Passionate, not only did he become a reputed Lecturer in ESO, he strenghtened his expertise in China and the Philippines.

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A Supportive Team dedicated to YOUR needs

What is a team of masters without proper support ? Not much.. That’s why, straight from heaven, our 3 PHHC Angels provide them a constant support.
Furthermore, they will provide YOU an outstanding support for all your doucmentation.
Sheena - Our TEam's Archangel
Sheena M.

OPERATIONS Manager – ArchAngel

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Razan F.