dr. yang TCM

Traditional chinese medicine Doctor for almost 20 years.

Dr. Yang obtained her medical bachelor degree from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000. Then, she had advanced studies and training for 1 year in Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. There, she worked as a TCM doctor, specialized in soft tissues, nerves injury & functional disorders.

Then, she pursued further study at Dalian Medical University and obtained a Master degree in 2010. 

Dr. Y. Yang has a strong knowledge with both western & traditional chinese medicine. Moreover, she likes to combine her TCM treatment for better outcomes.

She is particularly open-minded, respects each person in different culture and faiths. In addition to this, she studied psychology in order to promote health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Dr. Yang is therefore passionate about functional and integrative medical approaches that honor the concept of holism. Following the principle of treatment based on individual unique characteristics, everyone will have a treatment plan that highly matches them.  

Quick Profile

Name: Dr. Yang Yang

Speciality Acupuncture / Cupping

Degree TCM Doctor


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research Interests

Acupuncture – Cupping therapy

Training + Education

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Post Graduate

Treatment of premature ovarian failure


English, Chinese

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