Associate CAM Doctor (Osteopathy)

Bachelor in Sports & Science

Dr. Bideau initiated his career in France by specializing in acute and chronic pain disorders. He is trained in Pain Neuroscience Education, and brings a bio-psycho-social approach to pain management for better outcomes in musculoskeletal complaints. As a rule, his treatments follow the latest research about pain, to provide Evidence Based Practice to every patient. 

Prior he graduated in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Dr. Bideau got a Bachelor in Sports & Science at the University of Paris Descartes. He has therefore expertise in Sports related injury and helps his patients to resume their physical activity by avoiding the risk of recurrent injuries. 

Moreover, he believes that strenghtening his patients will help them getting more confident about their pain and avoid any negative behaviour (fear avoidance) about movement.

Dr. Bideau uses a wide variety of techniques to fill the specific needs of every patient from children to the elderly:

Pain education is also an important part of his treatments. A better understanding of pain mechanisms (neuroscience) will greatly aid in the remission of symptoms.   

Quick Profile

Name:Nicolas Bideau

Speciality Bio-psycho-social   Chronic pain. 

Degree Doctor of Osteopathy


Chronic pain management

Research Interests

Pain neurosciences

Training + Education

Paris School of Osteopathy

Post Graduate

Neuropathic pain / Bio-psycho-social approach


English, French

“There’s nothing wrong getting strong.”

Adam Meakins

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