What is TCM ?

Traditional Chinese medicine has a complete theory with many divisions and more than 3500 year’s history. It came from a long-term life, production, and medical practice. The effect of TCM has been demonstrated repeatedly in the last thousands of years.

In TCM theory, we do recognize a disease with a holistic view (individualized methods, correct the imbalance, restore homeostasis). It is based on two main theoretical features. 

The first one is “Holism” which consists of 3 points:

  • A body is an integrated system
  • Human beings are the part of the nature
  • Individuals are the part of the society

The second one is “Treatment based on syndrome differentiation”. Every patient is unique. Different people have the  same symptoms and some different symptoms while suffering the same disease.

TCM diagnosis aims to trace symptoms to patterns of an underlying disharmony. TCM treatment can help to expel the excess, supply the deficiency, and adjust the imbalance. All treatments help a body to launch a healing process so as to restore homeostasis.

  • Infertility issues
  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes)
  •  Post-stroke paralysis

Chinese herbal medicine

If a substance is deficient in a body, it can be taken from nature. If it is excessive, it should be returned to nature. Different plants make up a formula and cure the root cause of imbalance.

Chinese herbal medicine is used in our clinic for a lot of indications, including internal & surgical diseases, pediatric & gynecology.


Acupuncture is putting needles into acupuncture points of a body to adjust imbalance. Different acupuncture points make up a formula, based on the meridian theory. Every needle is a signal with specific instruction to stimulate the body, to correct faulty situations.

It is used for any bodies’ pain, including not only joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles & nerves injuries, but also internal pain, such as headache, stomach pain & dysmenorrhea.

Emergency Cases

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with patient centered care.


Cupping Therapy is the method of using cups to create a localized pressure by vacuum. This unique treatment is safe, comfortable and has remarkable results.

By creating suction and negative pressure, it can improve local substance exchanges and promote damage recovery.  It treats any joints and muscles pain.

It is also performed on your back because of the 5 meridians present on the area. The pulling action stimulates the autonomic nervous system for treating dysfunctional diseases, such as anxiety, insomnia or indigestion.

TCM Doctor


Moxibustion Therapy is using the burning herb, “dried mugwort”,  to warm the surface of a body.

The heat and the herb’s composition improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. It is often combined with acupuncture to strengthen the body.